2019-1790 – Planned network maintenance – Maidenhead 03/10/2019 22:00 – 23:00

2019-1790 – Planned network maintenance – Maidenhead 03/10/2019 22:00 – 23:00

Pulsant will be performing maintenance on a segment of the network located at the Maidenhead Data Centre. Whilst there is no outage expected, a period of at risk should be observed during the times noted below.

This is to expand and improve resilience on the distribution layer of the Pulsant core network.

The maintenance will take place during the following window:

Start: 03/10/2019 22:00 BST
End: 03/10/2018 23:00 BST

The all-clear notification will be sent as soon as the work has been completed.

For your reference, please see our status page for updates on planned maintenance and service incidents. This can be found at http://status.pulsant.com.

2018-1537 – Planned network maintenance – Maidenhead DC 21st Nov 21:00 to 22nd Nov 02:00

Dear Customer,

Pulsant engineers will be performing core network maintenance at our Maidenhead data centre. This work is to upgrade the second of two core devices with new hardware. Customers with non-resilient MetroEthernet/DC Connect services terminating on this device will experience an outage of up to one hour during this maintenance. Customers with BGP peering at this site will also lose service to this device during the maintenance. Pulsant IP transit will be at risk during the maintenance however no outage is expected.

This maintenance is essential to replace ageing hardware which is nearing end of life.

The maintenance will take place during the following window:

Start: Wednesday, November 21st at 21:00h GMT
End: Thursday, November 22nd at 02:00h GMT

USA network outage

16:50: currently appears to be a network outage affecting parts of the USA datacenter, the DC are aware and are working on the issue

17:30 issue has now been resolved and the datacenter performed an update to there routers to resolve the issue

Planned UPS Maintenance at our Maidenhead Facility

Dear Customer,

Please be aware of the following planned maintenance window for UPS Maintenance at our Maidenhead Facility.

In keeping with the manufacturer’s recommendations and the Pulsant planned and preventative maintenance regime, we will be carrying out scheduled UPS maintenance at our Maidenhead Pulsant Facility only.

NONE – There will be no planned service impact, this is an advisory note, as there will be reduced UPS resilience whilst the maintenance is being carried out.
Power will remain unaffected to customer racks, but with reduced resiliency during the maintenance period.
However to bring the unit(s) back on line there will be an element of switching that needs to be done hence an “At Risk” notification is being sent out.
The maintenance will be completed by a specialist 3rd party and the UPS units will be fully tested prior to being returned to normal service. Complete power protection will be restored upon completion of the UPS maintenance.

Pulsant follow a stringent Planned Preventative Maintenance regime. This work forms a major part of this regime.
Pulsant’s specialist UPS contractors will be on site to complete the scheduled maintenance, supervised by the datacentre management team throughout.

Work is scheduled to be carried out during the following maintenance window:

Thursday 3rd May 2018 commencing at 22.00 BST and ending by 06.00 BST on Friday 4th May 2018.

The “At Risk” window will be kept to an absolute minimum and the UPS systems will be returned to full resilience at the earliest opportunity.
A completed notification will be sent out once the works have been completed and normal service has resumed.
If you have any questions, please raise a ticket