2020-1891 – Planned UPS Battery Replacement – Maidenhead Facility Pulsant 1 Only

Dear Customer,

Please be aware of the following essential maintenance being carried out at our Maidenhead facility – Pulsant 1 only.

Faulty batteries were identified as requiring replacement. The faulty batteries have now begun to impact the performance of the UPS and need replacement urgently. Pulsants specialist UPS contractors will be on site to complete the battery replacements, supervised by the datacentre management team throughout.

NONE – There will be no planned service impact, this is an advisory note, as there will be reduced UPS resilience whilst the maintenance is being carried out.
Power will remain unaffected to customer racks, but with reduced resiliency during the maintenance period.
However to bring the unit(s) back on line there will be an element of switching that needs to be done hence an “At Risk” notification is being sent out.
The maintenance will be completed by a specialist 3rd party and the UPS units will be fully tested prior to being returned to normal service. Complete power protection will be restored upon completion of the UPS maintenance.

Pulsant follow a stringent Planned Preventative Maintenance regime. This work forms a major part of this regime.
Pulsant’s specialist UPS contractors will be on site to complete the scheduled maintenance, supervised by the datacentre management team throughout.

Work is scheduled to be carried out during the following maintenance window:
Thursday 23rd January 2020, commencing at 21.00 GMT and ending by Friday 24th January 2020 06.00 GMT.

The “At Risk” window will be kept to an absolute minimum and the UPS systems will be returned to full resilience at the earliest opportunity.

A completed notification will be sent out once the works have been completed and normal service has resumed for each maintenance window.

If you have any questions, please raise a ticket by emailing [email protected]

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